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Our Mission

​Our mission is to use the power of sport to support and inspire a healthier future for youth and college students through collaborative research, teaching, and learning.

Our Core Values


Mutual Respect

Growth Mindset

Inclusive & Energetic Environment

Pass the Baton

Get to vs. Have to

Take Responsibility, Give Credit

Our Partners Say

“Dr. Kyle Kercher and his team from the IU School of Public Health have made a tremendous impact on our students at WRV Middle School, through both increased engagement and learning in physical education and, just as importantly, building positive relationships with our kids. Having lived in Greene County for most of my life, I know that our students desperately need chances to learn and develop healthy habits with physical activity, nutrition, and overall lifestyle choices. 
It has been great to see Dr. Kercher lead and empower the IU students under his care. From planning, to execution, to data collection and publication, I cannot say enough about the efforts of the Hoosier Sport team. As we look for innovative ways to make the students and families of our community healthier, we hope to partner with them for many years to come."

Mitch Hobson,

WRV School District Superintendent,

Former WRV Middle School Principal 

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