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Key Components of Hoosier Sport

Hoosier Sport is a multi-faceted community-based research initiative. Key project areas include:

  1. Physical activity interventions in school settings;

  2. Campus-community partnerships;

  3. Global partnerships for physical activity-based interventions and exchange programs;

  4. Leadership events;

  5. College student service-learning curriculum in sport-based youth development at the School of Public Health-Bloomington.

Hoosier Sport Projects

White River Valley

"You guys teach us new things. You’re the first college students to come here and the first ones I’ve met."

"I feel good because we’re exercising, and I’m ready for sports"

"It was cool for Hoosier Sport to be here because we got to do new stuff. It was fun doing new things."

Team Training 

Who We Are 


At Hoosier sport we pride ourselves in...

- Autonomy 

- Competence 

- Relatedness


We practice autonomy and individualism

- we ensure that we are all allowing others to be their full self 

- we are paving the way for others by trying something new 



We pride ourselves in learning new things 

- during training we learned about each other 

- we learned about new things 

- we learned how to do things well and effectively



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