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Hoosier Sport: White River Valley Middle School

The Hoosier Sport research team partners with White River Valley School District to improve physical activity opportunities for students. Each semester, interventions are carried out to gather data on physical activity levels, physical literacy, and feasibility outcomes. The Hoosier Sport research team also instructs students in new sport/physical activity skills and goal setting.


Hoosier Sport Re-Social

Hoosier Sport Re-Social seeks to enhance body satisfaction among adolescent females by promoting higher levels of physical activity and reducing screen time. This is achieved through a sport-based program that integrates mental skills such as goal setting and positive self-talk, along with social media literacy.

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Hoosier Strength

The Hoosier Strength focuses on enhancing lower extremity functional movement skills in White River Valley Middle School students. Specifically, it aims to improve students' competency in the squat movement, while concurrently measuring the change in students’ physical and psychological outcomes.


Hoosier Sport Leadership Symposium

The Hoosier Sport Leadership Symposium provides middle and high school students with (1) leadership opportunities and educational enrichment in sports, research, and physical activities; (2) inspirational academic, athletic, and personal role models; and (3) personalized Leadership Development Plans (LDPs) for the upcoming academic year. This collaborative initiative includes the Hoosier Sport research team, local school districts, IU students, and the School of Public Health-Bloomington.



College Student Service-Learning Curriculum in Sport-Based Youth Development

The service-learning course enables students to participate in Hoosier Sport projects within a college curriculum centered on sport-based youth development. This 3-credit course is housed within the School of Public Health-Bloomington.


Hoosier Sport Global Innovation Planning

The Hoosier Sport research team aims to leverage our community-engaged research infrastructure to establish partnerships with like-minded organizations around the world. These partnerships connect IU college students trained in sport-based youth development to improve physical activity and related health behaviors around the world

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